Kaeza Fearn


I experience joy in many aspects of music: performing, composing, conducting choir, and singing and sharing sacred music in community settings. Music can connect us across apparent differences and transform our relationships with ourselves and others. As Karl Paulnack said in his Boston Conservatory Welcome address, "Music has a way of finding the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us."

Growing up with parents who were both professional pianists nourished in me a deep love and sustaining relationship with music. My parents, not wanting to coerce me into piano, initially encouraged me on another instrument entirely. But I continually begged my piano teaching mother for lessons and later studied with a former student of my piano professor father. I was often involved in musical theater, both as a performer and a director. My college years expanded me into obligatory (and surprisingly thrilling to create!) compositions for music theory classes. Shortly after receiving my BA in music with a concentration in piano performance, I plunged into a situation in which I had to improvise on the spot for ballet classes, which ended up fostering new growth in the area of composition. My compositions leaned heavily toward voice and piano, but a graduate degree in composition stretched me out orchestrally.

In addition to teaching music and theater in public and community music schools, I have taught piano to students of all ages for 25 years and enjoy the uniqueness of each student's learning process and how piano studies can help them grow both at the piano and as people. While connecting us to our deepest natures, the study of a musical instrument also teaches commitment, discipline, and the value of process. I tend to tailor the lesson plan toward overall student goals while simultaneously leaving room for exploration of new paths for learning. I teach from a repertoire of classical, popular, Broadway and jazz styles and supplement lessons with theory and improvisation.

  • Music Director, First Parish Unitarian Church in Taunton
  • Faculty, Cape Conservatory
  • Summits Coordinator, The Shift Network
  • Global Circle Dance Teacher
  • Assistant Editor, Christine Cacioppo Piano Books
  • Master of Music, The Hartt School (2009)
  • Bachelor of Music, Haverford College (1995)
  • Massachusetts Teachers Certification in Music (2004)