Gabriel Solomon

Suzuki Violin

I began the study of the violin at age three, surrounded by music. As a kid, I loved the beauty and brilliance of music. I remember being enchanted by the haunting and beautiful sounds of Vivaldi concertos and Handel violin sonatas. I also studied the piano and the trumpet, and took up the viola as a teenager for a life-changing European orchestral tour. I played or sang in every ensemble that I could, and I loved the intensity of playing music with others. Since then, I have worked intensively on string quartets, in new music ensembles, and more recently in jazz and improvisational ensembles.

I love helping kids discover the qualities of music that affect me so deeply and mean so much to me, from the smallest detail of technique to the broadest significance of expression. To learn the meaning of music is a gift that was given to me at a young age, and I am inspired to pass it on to other children, who can appreciate music better than anyone in some ways. I want my students to discover the tone of the violin and how beautiful it is. I want to show my students that you can have more fun and find satisfaction by working hard. Most of all, I want to teach kids the kinds of experiences they can have by themselves and with other people through playing music.

  • Master of Music, Graduate Performance Diploma, Longy School of Music
  • Bachelor of Music, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Soloist, Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, Calcutta, India
  • Studied with Laura Bossert, Charlie Banacos, Dave Bryant, Peter Cassino, Ben Schwendener, and member of the Lafayette String Quartet
  • Leader of Zulu Time:
  • Many arrangements for small ensembles
  • Creator of film scores and electronic music
  • Please visit my website: